Peak Mind creates educational and

inspirational content and experiences to

help people reach their peak.

About Peak Mind

Peak Mind is a social action platform,

we support people to reach their highest potential.

Peak Mind connects the most

notable thought leaders of our time

[most recently The Dalai Lama,

Eckart Tolle and Deepak Chopra ]

with communities all over the world

to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

Inspirational events hosted by

world leaders in neuroscience

and consciousness, business and entertainers,

athletes and peak performers set the scene

for impactful education and global change.

Peak performance through mindful living.

Founder Story

Michael Trainer is a social movement innovator

He is co-creator of Global Citizen,

a music festival and movement

dedicated to ending poverty. 

Tickets are awarded through

The social actions of everyday

citizens and 70k people gather

annually on the great lawn in central park.

With musical performances by artists including

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder,

Neil Young, the Black Keys, Foo Fighters,

and many others the festival

has leveraged the voices of millions

of Global Citizens to raise

billions of dollars in new commitments for

programs serving the World's poorest people.

Peak Mind, Michael's latest endeavor,

was created after his father

was diagnosed with dementia,

We offer a hub to unplug, recharge,

as a way to bring the peak minds of

our time together to help those all over the world live happier,

healthier lives and inspire them

to their highest potential.

The mission is to create impact from the inside out.

Michael’s first event, with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

and hosted by Oscar winner Forest Whitaker,

centered around the virtues of meditation

for personal and societal transformation.

  • The 3 levels of knowledge for self-mastery
  • How to find and feel into your purpose
  • The keys to a happy and joyful life
  • Special message from Dalai Lama on his 80th birthday